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Are you in love with playing virtual games? In case yes then homescapes should be one of the games that should be installed in your device. Playrix games are the developer of this game. The game can be seamlessly running on the IOS and Android supported devices. Android users can download it from the play store and the app store is the option for IOS users. The game can be installed completely free of cost, however, the game is having its own in-app purchases. Homescapes cheats no survey could be the pick of the smart players who don’t wish to spend real-world money for game currency.

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Back story of the game

Most of the players are unaware to the back story of the game, the story of the game begins with the conversation of the parents to sell the mansion as its condition is getting worse and no one is there to look after it. The child of them is opposing the decision and in order to convince their parents not to sell the mansion, he tries to renovate the mansion till the peak as he is having a lot of memories with the mansion. In order to renovate the mansion, currency of game is required which can be achieved by solving the puzzles.

Wise use of money

The game is having a major part of the game currency. The proof of it is that in-app purchases option is there with the person. There is multiple uses of the game currency. Therefore the person should make sure that the factor on which they are spending is useful and worth. The best use of money could be in renovation. Spending on skipping the time for recurring lives and other stuff do not make much h sense. Spending on the mansion will help to make progress in game.

Connect with facebook

It is the recommendation to all the players that they should connect the game with the Homescapes social facebook account of them. There are two benefits besides it. The first one is that the game progress would be saved of the player and other is that – various game resources would be served to the people which would be beneficial in the future. A certain amount of the game currency and key are served to the player upon signing up. Logging in the game will even let the person to play the game on two different devices as the progress is saved cloudy.

Use power-ups wisely

There are various power-ups with the person which can be used by the person in order to collectively solve the puzzle tiles and head forward in the game. The power-ups are limited and expensive; therefore the person should use them wisely. Using is after every match does not make any sense as in the further stages the player would be stuck at a particular stage.

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Bottom line

The information is sufficient to tell that what makes the game better than others and why a person should be playing it.

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